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Saturday morning bliss @ the daily

September 10, 2016

Located in Seaside Village, near Big Bay.

Undiscovered on the west coast.

Great service and standards.

Shop 12 

Seaside Village 

Big Bay

Fb: The Daily Coffee Cafe Big Bay


May 7, 2016
  • This morning I did a tour of the graffiti in the suburb of Woodstock with some special friends. 

For R200 we were guided though the  colourful streets of Woodstock by a knowledgeable artist. 

It really was a wonderful experience and I’d highly recommend it. 

We stopped off  at SUPERETTE afterwards for  brunch.

Located in The Woodstock Exchange – 66 Albert Road – one can feel the bustle of this new and uplifted Woodstock culture.   

Colourful,modern and exuding creativity.


Pretty delicious all round….

Click here to book the same tour that we  did. 

My new favorite seat in my new favorite place

December 30, 2014

Liquorice & Lime – Kloof Street


Zucchini – @ Timberlake organic Village

July 13, 2014

Between Sedgefield and Wilderness, is a REAL find of a place.

Timberlake Organic Village, situated in the forest between Wilderness and Sedgefield, is pretty extraordinary.


  • a good variety of restaurants
  • healthy and organic everything
  • shopping
  • abundant creativity
  • wholesome, outdoorsy entertainment for the little ones and excitables among us…




We decided on the COZY-looking Zucchini restaurant for our meandering luncheon. The smoking chimney was just the thing that we needed…


A beautiful mosaic tiled, central fire place greeted us as we entered this wholesome establishment. Delightful background music accompanied the creative flavour of the décor. Nguni Hides, dark wooden floors, and all sorts of well thought out pieces of furniture and adornment complete the look and feel.

20140715-160501.jpg   20140715-160609.jpg   20140715-160514.jpg20140715-160425.jpg







Owner, Stefan, accompanied us to our table. WHAT a pleasure to be served by him!







I had a glass of wine, and Ashley opted for one of the beers from the microbrewery that Stefan has here. Even I thought it was delicious.


A rare sight…


He described some of his suggestions and , once he saw that we were steering toward the burger option – basically planned out our meals… and we gladly just went with it. WE were JUST as excited as he was about his menu and inspiringly interesting ingredients.


Both the buns and patties are (lovingly) made on the premises – which becomes ABUNDANTLY clear as soon as you take your first mouth-watering bite. The sweet potato chips were to die for, along with the perfect potato wedges and FRESH. fresh. FRESH herb salad (all sourced locally or grown on the premises)

I am sorry I didn’t write down the exact names and descriptions of the burgers  – but they were something like this..

  • I had the Chickpea Burger – the actual patty was delicious – with chunky bits of chickpea in a creamy mixture. the topping was avo and a tahini sauce, giving the whole experience a Humus-sort of flavour, without being overpoweringly so…

I had the Chickpea Burger - the actual patty was delicious - wh=ith chunky bits of chickpea in a creamy mixture. the topping was avo and a tahini sauce, giving the whole experience a Humus-sort of flavour, without being overpoweringly so...

Ashley had the DRONK BOK Burger - a springbok patty that was "the best burger patty I have ever EVER had"


  • Ashley had the DRONK BOK Burger – a springbok patty that was “the best burger patty I have ever EVER had” – it was accompanied with … blue cheese if I remember correctly…

The Beef Burger is an option, but is not the one to go for – the other options are far too enticing.

 Obviously I had to have a little moment in the saddle20140715-160918.jpg



T: 044 882 1240



Click here for opening times  – its a little complicated – but OH so worth booking in advanced to ensure that you can have the same incredible experience that we did 🙂






20140715-160402.jpgTimberlake Organic Village (where you can find Zucchini)

T: 074 114 0460


Directions: click here





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In search of THE BEST PIE – George to CT – July 2014

July 11, 2014

The above mentioned search absolutely dominated our drive from George to Cape Town, and was the source of a GREAT many huffs and puffs when I insisted that we stop yet again 🙂 to add another sample to our stash. This was, after all, a very important mission.

We are, it must be said, a pie loving society!


  • Anyhoo.
  • I digress.


20140717-220524.jpgThat evening, back in Cape Town, our PIE PANEL were summonsed … to put the big question to bed once and for all…

WHO makes the best pies???


THE BUTCHER – an expert on all things meaty (wink)


















We chose 6 pies – some names you will immediately recognise, and one or two may be newbies.

Here are the nominations – ALL located ON, or within view of the N2:

  1. La Bella Deli & Restaurant – cant  miss it on the right – just before Riversdale on the N2
  2. TREDICI – Swellendam – you can see this impressive deli, shop and restaurant from the N2
  3. Ou Meul Bakkery – cant  miss it as you drive (slowly and cautiously) through Riviersonderend (see previous post on Ou Meul here)
  4. Dassiesfontein – thatched roof between Botrivier and Caledon on the N2
  5. Houw Hoek Farm Stall – Elgin – see it on the left as you end the Houw Hoek pass – very good signage
  6. Peregrine Farm Stall – Elgin – just on from Houw Hoek – look out for the red tractor




THE PIE PANEL’S findings:


20140715-161830.jpg1. La Bella Deli & Restaurant – Chicken Pie

This spot is well worth the stop for all the cool stuff to buy. Cost effective gifts and home made goodies. Love the home made look about the pies – and the little heart on top!

WEIGHT: 150 g


SCORE: 5/10

Lovely meaty pie – but completely lacking in flavour. “Bland”. Presentation beautiful. Lovely pastry – holds together well and isn’t too flaky


20140715-161744.jpg2. TREDICI – Chicken, mushroom, bacon and feta fold-over

Very impressive all over establishment. Probably better as a sit down venue, but this pie-of-sorts sounded and looked delightfully WORTH a GO! There’s loads of higher end cool stuff to buy here for the kitchen.

20140715-161753.jpgWEIGHT: 350 g


SCORE: 9.5/10

Excellent flavour. Lightness created by the phyllo pastry. This is a party-in-your mouth kind of meal!


20140715-181736.jpg3. Ou Meul – Chicken Pie

The old favourite – in Riviersonderend. See my previous blog post for more details.

WEIGHT: 200 g


SCORE: 7.5/10

Delicious Pastry, WAY more flavoursome filling than the previous chicken pie from La Bella. It is quite small though.



20140715-161650.jpg4. Dassiesfontein – Pepper Steak Pie

 Not very well signposted – but an ABSOLUTE gem just past Caledon. THEY HAVE EVERYTHING. I actually cant explain – you just have to go and see the GREAT VARIETY OF cool stuff to buy.

WEIGHT: 360 g


SCORE: 10/10

This was “worth R30”. Beautiful, traditional pie. Pastry not too thin, not too thick – perfection. A moist, tasty, gravy-soaked parcel of perfectly cooked meat.


20140715-161642.jpg5. Houw Hoek Farm Stall – Pepper Steak Pie

A lovely little farm stall and restaurant. Well run, neat, and a firm favourite of many for “the best pie”…

WEIGHT: 200 g


SCORE: 5/10

Bland. Can taste pepper, but cant taste gravy really. “Very large chunks of dry  meat” .. “the meat had no flavour”. “Needs more gravy”


20140715-161555.jpg6. Peregrine Farm Stall – Chicken Pie

Look out for the red tractor – always a favourite for the 1 hour home run back to Cape Town. ALSO lots of cool FOOD stuff to buy. Of worthy mention are the Chelsea Buns which, understandably, are usually sold out.

WEIGHT: 265 g

PRICE: R18.95

SCORE: 6/10

Too much pastry, but tasty. Beautiful presentation, but average tasting filling. A very ordinary pie. We were surprised.


And so – SURPRISE SURPRISE – our winner is…


Being the most traditional, most beautifully put – together pie that we sampled. All aspects absolutely perfect.



Thank you to THE PIE PANEL, and especially to Lumpy Legged Lover for his patience xxx



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Ou Meul Bakkery – Riviersonderend

July 9, 2014

THINK Riviersonderend…

  • It’s that dreaded, speed camera lined road on the way to Knysna…
  • At least you always know they have clean-ish  loo’s in the petrol station 🙂
  • AND, the famous…Ou Meul Pies… since 1984




  • 20140710-080846.jpgI love their choice of a clean cut, wholesome wooded look.
  • Ou Meul brand salt and pepper grinders and a cozy place to enjoy a pie.
  • It is so pleasing to the eye – modern and classy.









..and a microwave to heat up your pie… very convenient, and perfect when stopping off for a quick bite on your road trip…









True to the  winning OU MEUL name out there – both pies were delightfully meaty and seriously delicious. I was a little saddened with how small the chicken pie was – but could not fault the flavour.




  • Bladder once again restored to equilibrium; Oumeel pie in hand and happy… we set off again on our little Garden Route adventure…


BUT WAIT! – what would Riviersonderend BE without a SPOTTING of the ALL TOO FAMILIAR – small and inconspicuous – … SPEED CAMERA!20140710-080818.jpg

… a bit like game spotting really…


OU MEUL – Riviersonderend

T: (028) 2611 568 (Riviersonderend)


A: 27 Main Road, Riviersonderend, 7250

Twitter: @OuMeulBakkery

Ou Meul now has a franchise here in Cape town, at 14 Long Street, and I see mention of  Willouwbridge too.  VERY cool franchise opportunity I reckon! (CT – 021 419 0662)


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Mango Ginger – Coffee Shop & Bakery

June 2, 2014

WELL worth a viz… to OBZ!

MANGO GINGER is to be found on the generally accepted hipster – ISH,  artsy fartsy-ISH Lower Main Road of Observatory, Cape Town…

Great (owner managed) service, and progressive, healthy options make it such a pleasure to eat out without the guilt.

They’re saying ALL the right things…

                                                     Wheat Free                                                               ORGANIC FLOUR

                                                                           PURE FATS

 Gluten Free                                                                       

                                                                                                       Organic Fresh Produce

 The menu was pretty exciting… including: 

  • 20140602-125424.jpgHot and cold drinks
  • Assortment of freshly squeezed juices
  • Smoothies
  • Shakes
  • Breakfast (SERVED ALL DAY!!)
  • Light lunches
  • Sandwiches
  • Salad meals
  • Cakes
  • Wraps


We settled on the following:

Starting with a Beetroot, orange and carrot juice (small to be safe 😉 )  R25



I had the Wheat-free Chicken and Leek Pie with Side Salad (R30 and R25) – the salad was SUPER duper fresh, with crispy new sprouts.




Egg and home-made mayo with rocket on brown R35

Egg and home-made mayo with rocket on brown R35

Honey, ginger and soya marinataedfree range chicken strips with julienne carrots, mango tout, spring onion & lettuce R60

WRAP: Honey, ginger and soya marinated free -range chicken strips with julienne carrots, mango tout, spring onion & lettuce R60


    • THE BAKERY  SELECTION… (please. remain. calm)




20140602-125442.jpg   20140602-125413.jpg






The array of YUMMIES to take away

looked amazing… I decided on

a bottle of MANGO GINGER salad dressing.

  • Balsamic, Olive Oil, Mustard & Honey  R45



OH MY WORD… and I quote… “Mango Ginger is not licensed, but

no corkage is charged for those who wish to

drink wine or beer with their meal.”

… bloody marvellous



27 Lower Main Road


 T: (021) 448 2500



Mon – MJLIB_HTML_CLOAKING Mon to Friday  7:30am – 5 pm

Sat 8am – 3pm


Easy Directions for those non-hippies out there wishing to check out the Obz vibe…

From Main road (coming from the Southern Sburbs) – pass over the N2, and take the Lower Main Road right turnoff – pass Norfolk, and then Sussex Rd – PARK-  and see MANGO GINGER on the left.