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Deer Park Cafe …CATERING

March 1, 2011
I attended a 3 day course last week at the Renaissance Centre in town and, as per usual, I was blown away by the catered food every day. The food was delivered each morning by Deer Park Cafe – another favorite of mine in Vredehoek. I had no idea that they did catering too.
I will do a post on Deer Park Cafe soonest – its SUCH a lovely place – with fab food – obviously.
Unfortunately I was SO enjoying just devouring this food every break time, that I forgot to take a snap of each of the various delicious tea snacks and lunch meals – but I did get a few…
Fish cakes with mashed potatoe and salad

These were SO delicious. I am so fussy with fish – but I had NO problems at all with ‘forcing’ this down..


marinated chicken satay served with saute veg

Anne, our trainer, ordered THE most delicious salad to accompany all the meals – yummy yummy YUMMY salad!
And the carrot cake… wow. I dont have much of a sweet tooth – but this particular Carrot Cake is a serious winner. Moist and dense and yummy  – with an amazing icing – not too sweet – just perfect.
They do large cakes, as well as mini sizes – we had mini apple crumble tarlets on the first day – AGAIN – I was too overwhelmed to remember to get a snap for you. sorry. i had two.
The catering menu has quite a variety, but Ann tells me that they are so flexible and will try to accomodate whatever it is that you require.
Wraps, quiches, cottage pie, amazing salads and a variety of cakes and tarts  – totally delicious  – ALL of it –
without exception


Deer Park Cafe
2 Deer Park Avenue
Cape Town
(021)462 6311
  • Chat to Anel for the catering menu – she is very helpful. She emailed me an entire catering menu. They will deliver in the morning anywhere in town, but will allow pick up if you’re out of town or, dare I say it, beyond the Boerie curtain.
  • If they delivery to you in town it is at 9:30 am, and you would require an oven to warm the food for lunch times. they collect their dishes the next day.
Believe me Possums – this food is worth it!
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  1. anel permalink
    May 31, 2012 1:42 pm

    Hi, Don’t know how I missed this beautiful write-up.
    Thanks so much.
    Anel – Deer Park Cafe

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