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April 3, 2011

When I heard that my favorite possum in Joburg , Brigitte,  was coming down to Cape Town for a much needed holiday – I decided that it was imperative that I steal her for the day to do something really fun together. She was bringing a friend too – Gill – from down under, who I was told was supa fun and laid back. All this sounded like the perfect recipe for a girls day out…

Now she had said that she loves Franschhoek and the wine route in general. Being me, who doesnt really drink wine, I was a little worried to say the least. What do I know about the wine route, wine, and tour guiding?!

  • Well – I put on my big girl panties… and I googled. I eventually put together a very laid back day – out that wouldnt be over-the-top expensive, but that would accomplish rather a bit.

The girls arrived the night before our big day out, and so I took them for a walk on the beach at Blouberg, and then we popped into MOYO Big Bay for a few toots.

Brigitte, myself and... "a bit of a view"

Brigitte & i at MOYO


  •  8:30 am – PETIT FOURS 

We started here for a quick breakfast. I wanted to show them this beautiful view of Table Mountain – and the gorgeous beach at Blouberg. I eat here at least twice a month, and have NEVER had a negative experience. It just always surpasses expectations.

Outside Petit Fours

Creamed scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on a potatoe rosti served with hollandaise sauce
  • We ate like kings.
  • See my first scrumptious Brekkie at Petit Fours here.

Flapjacks stacked with seasonal fruit, gronola & yogurt topped with berries


Flapjacks stacked with fresh banana & crispy bacon bits, drizzled with honey, roasted almonds & cinnamon



Situated on the hill overlooking Paarl – it promises spectacular views. Opened in Oct 1975 to commemorate Afrikaans being declared an official language of South Africa, seperate from Dutch. Its an interesting structure with a beautiful flow of water – the sound is lovely.

view from the Afrikaans language monument


  •  10:30 AM – FAIRVIEW

On the south-west facing slopes of Paarl mountain is Fairview. I just had to stop here for the cheese tasting, as Brigitte LOVES cheese. Tourists also love it as it has its own goat tower, with 2 massive goats roaming around.

  • Cheese tasting is R15.

They have an irresistible selection of sauces and jams which are often also sided with the cheeses to taste.We purchased some yummy cheese and were then on our merry way…

FAIRVIEW(021)863 2450


Driving out of Fairview we took a right and then left into
the R44 at the T junction. It was a short drive down the road to Muratie Wine Estate in Stellenbosch.

The farm dates back to 1685, and I just love the character of it all. The wine tasting is held in the old cellar – complete with well trodden doorways, low ceilings and a plethora of cobwebs in the tasting room.

We did a tasting at around R25, adn bought some dessert wines and a lovely port.
And then, just to add to the incredibly unique atmosphere, this young man launched into a complicated concert piano piece as we taste the wine. it was a phenominal experience.
 MURATIE Wine Estate
(021)888 4600
Click here to book a wine tasting, and here for a map.
Blaauwklippen valley is just so incredibly beautiful, and I think that Waterford Estate is particularly picturesque.

entrance to the wine tasting

 I decided to bring the girls here to do the chocolate and wine tasting. It was about R60 each, and was really something quite special.

The pairing of chocolate and wine was truly decadent. Click here for a list of their “unique tasting experience”.

This time I purchased some of their amazing chocolate before we hit the road.

Chocolate & wine tasting

(021)880 0496


Overlooking the Franschhoek valley is La Petite Ferme. The view really is sensational.

 A friend had suggested it for lunch – and brigitte LOVES Franschhoek – so this is the perfect ending to our day out.

with... "a bit of a view"

risotto of the day - the chef's passion, changing daily to keep the ingredients fresh and exciting 98

Gill had the Risotta, which she said was really good.

I had the fillet – which I dreamt about for days thereafter… just perfection!

…and Brigitte had the pasta… not so good. the menu said ” Daily Pasta -A dish combining new and exciting ingredients”. Her tomato pasta arrived – with some feta on the side. We all tasted it – and it was really similar to pasta in some tomatoe soup. When asked at the end if we enjoyed our meals – she did say that hers had been particularly disappointing – and was told that she should have sent it back. Anyway – the other two were superb.

I will definitely be returning.

beef fillet with whole-grain mustard, dressed new potatoes, peperonata and a madagascan green peppercorn sauce 140

La Petite Ferme

Franschhoek Pass Road

Directions here.

Reservations here.

  • All in all the itinerary worked out splendidly – if I dont say so myself!

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