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Melissa’s – Newlands Village

April 5, 2012

Nicci Nix was down from Joburg and we had made a date to meet for lunch last Wednesday. When she suggested Melissa’s, I found myself on the verge of trying to convince her otherwise. I halted my negativity and agreed to a time.

I wondered to myself… “SELF… Why do I generally avoid Melissa’s?”

I DO avoid Melissa’s. I think its some sort of general perception that I have. I really don’t know where it came from, as I don’t recall  having any particularly rotten experience there at any stage. I just HAVE this perception that it’s overpriced and not good value for money.

SO – I thought this a perfect opportunity to give it a shot AND get to spend some time with Nix 🙂

Its very pretty… Presentable, clean and homely. I started to realize that I MAY just enjoy myself 😉

Any girlie girl slash womanly woman would be in paradise here. There are shiny wrappers everywhere with funky designs and ready made cheats for dinner parties… at a price I’m afraid 🙂

  • Pavlova Shell… R108 (!!!!) Very much a designer look, and packaged beautifully:

Gorgeously wrapped cakes - the perfect little gift R115. I saw the Pecan Chocolate Fudge Cake, as well as the Carrot Cake.

All sorts of 'natural', save the planet slogans. Very fashionable I thought 😉

Any type of nougat you can possible imagine!

We took a look at the buffet as we strolled in. It looked sensational. Fresh, exciting, and lets face it… quite pricey. R17 per 100g.

The buffet with covers over each dish, breads, spreads, olives and many more delish looking delicacies...

The chicken and leek pie was SOOOO good!


 My plate after I’d helped myself came to around R60.

This was a really good meal, with ubber crispy, fresh and tasty salad, a dollop of that morish chicken and leek pie, a crunchy quiche slice and a fabulous lentil salad… with olives sprinkled all over for good measure!

  • If you’re looking for something healthy AND delicious, isn’t this just perfect?!
  • I can see where the perceptions are coming from that Melissa’s is a ‘rip off’, but where else would you get a buffet of this standard for less?

My perception is now altered – towards the more positive I think.

Melissa’s, in my mind, is now that place which is rather pricey – BUT that serves and sells only excellent quality, fresh and interesting items… in really attractive packaging too! 🙂

Nix and I had a lovely meal and catch up. Her plate was a little less than mine - as she isn't QUITE the glutton that I am 😉


Shop 3

Cardiff Castle

Kildare Road

Newlands Village

T: (021)683 6949


Open 8am – 7pm every day.

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