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In search of THE BEST PIE – George to CT – July 2014

July 11, 2014

The above mentioned search absolutely dominated our drive from George to Cape Town, and was the source of a GREAT many huffs and puffs when I insisted that we stop yet again 🙂 to add another sample to our stash. This was, after all, a very important mission.

We are, it must be said, a pie loving society!


  • Anyhoo.
  • I digress.


20140717-220524.jpgThat evening, back in Cape Town, our PIE PANEL were summonsed … to put the big question to bed once and for all…

WHO makes the best pies???


THE BUTCHER – an expert on all things meaty (wink)


















We chose 6 pies – some names you will immediately recognise, and one or two may be newbies.

Here are the nominations – ALL located ON, or within view of the N2:

  1. La Bella Deli & Restaurant – cant  miss it on the right – just before Riversdale on the N2
  2. TREDICI – Swellendam – you can see this impressive deli, shop and restaurant from the N2
  3. Ou Meul Bakkery – cant  miss it as you drive (slowly and cautiously) through Riviersonderend (see previous post on Ou Meul here)
  4. Dassiesfontein – thatched roof between Botrivier and Caledon on the N2
  5. Houw Hoek Farm Stall – Elgin – see it on the left as you end the Houw Hoek pass – very good signage
  6. Peregrine Farm Stall – Elgin – just on from Houw Hoek – look out for the red tractor




THE PIE PANEL’S findings:


20140715-161830.jpg1. La Bella Deli & Restaurant – Chicken Pie

This spot is well worth the stop for all the cool stuff to buy. Cost effective gifts and home made goodies. Love the home made look about the pies – and the little heart on top!

WEIGHT: 150 g


SCORE: 5/10

Lovely meaty pie – but completely lacking in flavour. “Bland”. Presentation beautiful. Lovely pastry – holds together well and isn’t too flaky


20140715-161744.jpg2. TREDICI – Chicken, mushroom, bacon and feta fold-over

Very impressive all over establishment. Probably better as a sit down venue, but this pie-of-sorts sounded and looked delightfully WORTH a GO! There’s loads of higher end cool stuff to buy here for the kitchen.

20140715-161753.jpgWEIGHT: 350 g


SCORE: 9.5/10

Excellent flavour. Lightness created by the phyllo pastry. This is a party-in-your mouth kind of meal!


20140715-181736.jpg3. Ou Meul – Chicken Pie

The old favourite – in Riviersonderend. See my previous blog post for more details.

WEIGHT: 200 g


SCORE: 7.5/10

Delicious Pastry, WAY more flavoursome filling than the previous chicken pie from La Bella. It is quite small though.



20140715-161650.jpg4. Dassiesfontein – Pepper Steak Pie

 Not very well signposted – but an ABSOLUTE gem just past Caledon. THEY HAVE EVERYTHING. I actually cant explain – you just have to go and see the GREAT VARIETY OF cool stuff to buy.

WEIGHT: 360 g


SCORE: 10/10

This was “worth R30”. Beautiful, traditional pie. Pastry not too thin, not too thick – perfection. A moist, tasty, gravy-soaked parcel of perfectly cooked meat.


20140715-161642.jpg5. Houw Hoek Farm Stall – Pepper Steak Pie

A lovely little farm stall and restaurant. Well run, neat, and a firm favourite of many for “the best pie”…

WEIGHT: 200 g


SCORE: 5/10

Bland. Can taste pepper, but cant taste gravy really. “Very large chunks of dry  meat” .. “the meat had no flavour”. “Needs more gravy”


20140715-161555.jpg6. Peregrine Farm Stall – Chicken Pie

Look out for the red tractor – always a favourite for the 1 hour home run back to Cape Town. ALSO lots of cool FOOD stuff to buy. Of worthy mention are the Chelsea Buns which, understandably, are usually sold out.

WEIGHT: 265 g

PRICE: R18.95

SCORE: 6/10

Too much pastry, but tasty. Beautiful presentation, but average tasting filling. A very ordinary pie. We were surprised.


And so – SURPRISE SURPRISE – our winner is…


Being the most traditional, most beautifully put – together pie that we sampled. All aspects absolutely perfect.



Thank you to THE PIE PANEL, and especially to Lumpy Legged Lover for his patience xxx



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🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Mum permalink
    July 22, 2014 12:58 pm

    Lovely blog, Amy! X

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