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Heavenly brekkie @ CAFFEEN – Harfield Village

May 31, 2014


The Health Stack

health toast stacked with brie, herbed mushrooms, roasted cherry tomatoes, crispy bacon and wild rocket   R61



It really should be called THE HEAVENLY STACK… tasty and sweet and a little salty, and creamy and a little crunchy… and SO easy to eat!


My last visit here was quite some time ago – take a look here…





20140531-071305.jpgTotally into it…










Caffeen is just SUCH a popular spot – with very little that seems to ever go wrong.

I don’t think I have ever hear a bad word about them… EVER.

  • Love.


20140531-071311.jpg   20140531-071224.jpg


41 3rd Avenue

cnr Hampstead and 3rd Avenue

Harfield Village

(021)674 6209



I went for a 4.5 km run…. with an incentive (of course)

March 29, 2014


  • Regent Road, Sea Point.
  • Friday morning.

 I had shot into the Bootlegger COFFEE COMPANY to meet my old buddy Marc for a brekkie and catch up.

Having enjoyed the overall experience so much, I suggested that my Lumpy man and I

attempt a short early morning run along the Seapoint Promenade this morning… with the

essential incentive of a delicious breakfast thereafter.

IT WAS SUPER EARLY! - we parked Arnold right outside and padded (well.. I waddled nervously? towards the prom...

IT WAS SUPER EARLY! – we parked Arnold right outside and padded (well.. I waddled nervously) towards the prom…

Well – thank God for that, as I had to keep it in the forefront of my mind the ENTIRE excruciating experience.

I ran 4.5 km (exercise is not my friend, it must be said)… and am pretty chuffed with my new found (albeit little for most and massive for me ) stamina 🙂

AND I really REALLY like this newish spot…

ON both my visits, the service has been impeccable, snappy fast and accurate. Not only have they got this right, but every one of their staff seemed to exude an extra care. There is a guy on duty – possibly the owner – who clearly has things totally organised, and perhaps this is the key to this CLEARLY great success. (I choose to omit the question mark here… I realise now that I am in fact making a statement more than asking a question 😉 )


It is user-friendly…

They’ve got hooks for jackets, AND have even thought of hooks for handbags under the tables (thumbs up from the ladies), and has a really easy and uncomplicated menu. (we know how too many choices stresses me out)

BREAKFAST IS SERVED ALL DAY (happiness) and … kitchen opens at 6:30 AM (!!) – sometimes something difficult to find when one wants to enjoy a very early start to ones day…






Free wifi is such an essential these days and such a pleasure. I can totally picture myself sitting here in the middle of the day to tackle my inbox.

The music is also perfect – its there, creating the right vibe, but is in now way intrusive. On both my experiences it was befitting of the time of day perfectly.





Today’s choice (above):

EGGS BENEDICT poached eggs, bacon, baby spinach, hollandaise sauce on rye toast  R65




Simple and sensational. I will definitely be having this one again.

Simple and sensational. I will definitely be having this one again.

20140329-083719.jpgBOOTLEGGER  Coffee Company

39-41 Regent Road
Sea Point

Cape Town opposite the Kauai, and opposite Primi)


Find them on facebook here.


Great start to an, as always, GORGEOUS Saturday in Cape Town


Omelette a la LEFTOVERS….

March 16, 2014

I experienced a moment of inspiration last week.

What resulted, was the below DELICIOUS feast of a meal for just me!


See ORINICO relish dribbled on top of my Omelette, purchased 2 days ago from Orinico on Bree Street. Sensational stuuf that I just cannot stop eating on EVERYTHING!

I started with potato bake, leftover from our braai the night before.

Soft, smooth potato slices drenched in rich, creamy, excessively garlicy sauce, with crispy melted cheddar on top.


Thinly sliced steak from last nights braai, delicately laid over a bed of chopped Kale and lightly melted potato bake & cheese…



Orinoco “Guasacaca”


I’ve had no self discipline with this bottle of “Guasacaca” from newly discovered restaurant ORINOCO at the bottom of Bree Street in town. Today I finished it – LESS than 5 days after purchasing it.

It is distinctly relish-y, with a slight bite, and a green and healthy tasting yumminess that is ADDICTIVE!

I don’t have ANY idea how to pronounce it properly – but in my imagination, one punches it out kinda like “G-waSAaaaCHAkA!”

Sounds so cool.


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Look at my nifty new tea bag squisher (cheesy grin)

March 15, 2014

Had to brag about this totally fabulous little tool I bought a while ago…


I just LOVE LOVE LOVE useful things!

VANILLA CAFE and Our Greyton Getaway Weekend

February 15, 2013

I’ve always loved the sleepy, quirky and spectacularly beautiful little village of Greyton – Roughly 2 hours out of Cape Town… just far enough to be able to really unwind.

AND…being the ridiculously lucky girl that I am, I found myself here yesterday afternoon as a surprise getaway until Sunday!

Yes. I am fabulously lucky. I know. 🙂

  • For breakfast this morning we wandered onto bustling Ds Botha Street and spontaneously chose Vanilla Cafe.


  • Quirky inside, and adorned to the max…



…and seriously kiddie friendly outside area – in the good, wholesome out-doorsy sort of way.


We both decided to try the CAPE TOWN KUGUL breakfast….

“smoked salmon or bacon, avo pulp, 2 poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on an english muffin”



  • PERFECT Hollandaise Sauce! What a brekkie. Total food satisfaction achieved.



18 Ds Botha Avenue


Western Cape

028 254 9453

From the Main Road Greyton, turn right into Ds Botha Avenue, find parking on the left and pretty flowery cart indicating the entrance to Vanilla Cafe.

Find them here – S 34° 3′ 3.852″ E 19° 36′ 27.036″

See here for the Greyton Tourism website. It is well layed out – and offers super ideas of things to do, as well as upcoming events.

We’re off an on hike into the mountains now, to find a rock pool for a swim.

Dont be jealous now 😉 


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i love tea

October 14, 2012

   Credit to FOOD-BLOG CAPE TOWN for this fab piece of wisdom.. 




Lake Kariba #1 – The journey begins…

September 28, 2012
  • Lake Kariba 2012 – Episode #1 of 4

FINALLY – I was taking my first trip into the deepest, darkest (insert annoying American accent) Aaafrika! 

Yes I was born in Africa… And yet, Cape Town really does seem to be a modern, developed city in comparison to what I ‘ve seen on tv and in the papers. Zimbabwe, especially, has been rather (and I mean this enormously sarcastically) popular in the news. I simply can’t think why... (raised eyebrow)


A bunch of us rowdy Cape Town gals were invited to make our way from Cape Town, through Johannesburg, Harare… and A FIVE hour bus ride… (insert extreme nausea caused  by winding-through-bushy African-hills-ON-STEROIDS)… only to arrive relatively unscathed on the shores of Lovely (understatement supreme) Lake Kariba. Sheeeew.

As ill, tired and weary as we were – THIS was all worth the bother…

Lets start at the beginning…

We enter Zim.


We spent one night in Harare and, after dropping our belongs in the hotel room, went in search of a nightcap.

 Wild Date Bar – at the Bronte Hotel

The footie was on – with that typcal African scene… Zimbabwean’s obsessively enthralled by a bar big screen, avidly supporting a European Football Team. Maybe its a chick thing – I don’t get it.

ANYWAY – we located the bar – purchased a few toots, and had a nice little natter.

Zambezi Beer was on offer – and smelt exactly like I remember dad’s Lions Lager to smell.

  • It reminded me of Christmas – my sister and I pinning our stripey knitted stockings on each side of the mantle piece, always with a few biscuits and a quart of Lion Lager.
  • Because Father Christmas absolutely LOVES Lion Lager.
  • Obviously.

The holiday starts and Lu is flippen EXcited! 🙂

We set off at 5 am the next morning for Lake Kariba. After about 4 hours we made a stop  (and incredibly well deserved loo break) at the Makuti Travel Lodge. Another round of Zambezi Beers materialized… as well as my VERY first (excited face) Jaffle! 

I don’t know about you – but I had never seen one of these…

I had to google it to get the name correct ( I can just picture some of you slightly more mature readers giggling AT me at this point).

According to Wikipedia:
“A jaffle is a toasted sandwich traditionally made in a jaffle iron – a type of closed
metal skillet. “

OOOwwwweee! It hit the spot – after our 4 hour drive – and no breakfast – I think anything might have. But nothing beats a good, crispy, greasy cheese and tomato toastie hey? ESPECIALLY if it’s in a special shape! Durrr!

We were on the road again – through beautiful national park, and an hour to Lake Kariba. 


Over a hill, and we were there…

We relaxed into our holiday as we cruised out of Caribbea Bay..

Our boat trip had begun!

  • For Lake Kariba 2012 – Episode #2 click here.

ALSO – Does anyone know where one can purchase a JAFFLE IRON?? I need one in my life!


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